The wearing rain

Cracked Drainpipe

Cracked Drainpipe

The rain in the Home Counties this 'winter' has had nothing of the intensity and impact that it has had further north in Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, parts of Scotland and elsewhere. My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with loss and damage through no fault of their own.

The rain has been continual, and persistence always wins out. Of course nothing is as persistent as a natural process; in the end, nature always wins†.

On that note: Happy New Year.


† I think I produced a photo on a similar theme in the past - I must look it out. 


Zoo again

So I took my own advice, and went to the zoo again. And, again, I had a great day.

My problem is getting the time to sit down for an edit to pull out the keepers.  #FirstWorldProblems I know, but Whipsnade seem to go out of their way to help present moments like this:

Lemur (Lemur catta), ZSL Whipsnade.

Whilst uploading the image, I blocked out some time in my diary to edit a zoo set. Problem solved?

Northern Ireland in colour

Northern Ireland: one of those places in the world known for its riotous colour.

Here's an example:

Castlewellan Lake

It is in colour.  Really.  Look more closely.  All the colour it needs is there.  Feel free to disagree; I'm happy to argue the toss over any pint you care to buy me.

Now you've had fair warning here's some more vigorous colour (from the other side of the lake), about a week before the leaves starting dropping en masse:

Castlewellan Castle

In the background of the the first picture are a couple of rather large lumps of granite.  Here's some more:


A sculpture of Percy French is just off stage left, and a pub of the same name is directly behind the camera. This is for good reason - you are looking at where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.

The unclouded lump of rock is from where I shot the Festival of Flight, 2014.

Sea, Air & Land

I had a conversation* which ended with a challenge to produce a triptych on a theme of Land, Sea and Air - but only from my archives. So: ta-da!

I suspect there'll be a quibble about the presentation order, but if they're to be presented vertically (and blogs make that the most sensible approach; walls may be a different matter), I prefer this ordering, to the stricter ordering.

My only question about this group: is three a big enough number to make into a collection? Thought required methinks.

Sea - Stromness

Air  - Ashcombe Windmill, East Sussex

Land - Lewes Castle

By the by, I am aware that this group is inconsistent in output form when set against the other photos of this site; not that I would ever say anything about that.

* You know who you are.  Feel free to call yourself out in the comments.

Note to self: Standardise output.

[This is another note to me, in an attempt at self-encouragement.  Make of it what you will.]

Lock down output as much as you can.  Things like: aspect ratio, signing, titling, jpeg size.  Make the decision once, and get on with things.

This means you're not wasting time mucking about working it all out each time, but more importantly it makes it much, much, much easier to visualise what the final picture will look like; and that makes it easier for the Art to speak.  Once you know you'll be printing 4x5 (because that's what you always do) it makes composition in the viewfinder that bit easier, no?

Sometimes it is more important the decision is made rather than what the decision was; this is one of those times.

Don't ever dare think about starting to vacillate over papers; the Matt, Luster, and Gloss you have are enough.

I need to go to the zoo more often

Infant Elephant, ZSL Whipsnade

I was last at ZSL's Whipsnade a week or so ago (I'm only now getting around to sorting the images - personal projects, eh?).  It's a lovely place, especially in fair weather.  This last time, the whole place seemed to be extra awake, or alive, or something... there just seemed to be more zing around the zoo.

Even the elephants were out for a wander*, getting as far as beside the penguin enclosure, which is where this little one was spotted.

Maybe the zing will be there next time too.  Well, as the saying goes, there's one way to find out.

More to come? Perhaps.

*yes, their keepers knew about this; indeed they appeared to be actively encouraging it.  There are three bipedal guardians in the wings, stage right.

Note to self: Take the lens cap off.

[This is a note to me, in an attempt at self-encouragement.  If you find it helpful - brilliant. If you don't find it helpful, feel free to ignore it and carry on as you were.  Given the list of titles I've jotted down (this tends to grow in my grumpier moments) there could well be more of these.]

A trite idea indeed.

But what does it mean?

If the lens cap is on, your pictures are going to be somewhat under-exposed.

But if you take the cap off, the camera is not on a shelf, or locked in a cupboard, or stuffed in a bag, or hanging on a sling. The camera is in your hands... and the camera in your hands is the best camera in the world*.

You have everything you need to make a picture, and worst case you'll have to adapt to the conditions. As long as you're not in an unlit coal mine there'll be a picture in front of you.

Just remember to turn the damn thing on.

*as an aside, ever tried to get a picture out of a camera you aren't able to touch?

Left Behind - All done

I've dropped a piece of each of the Left Behind collection.  Some I got lovely comments about, some I got tweets about, and some disappeared off to who-knows-where.  You can see what I was dropping on the collection page.

Toy Car

For now, I'm done.

Of course, if you missed out on finding one in the wild, but would like one - contact me (or tweet to @cogthetog) and we can talk.

Stay tuned for the next project.

Leaving things behind


I've left my  old blog behind. It will be online for the foreseeable, but new stuff will be here. 

On a similar theme I've decided to put the Left Behind series out there. Prints have been made, and are currently being allowed to thoroughly dry. They'll be mounted this weekend, and then I'll start leaving them around the place for people to take away and do with what they wish (one of each to start with). 

Yes, I'll be checking back after a few hours to make sure I'm not just littering the environment.

I've no idea what will happen, and there's only one way to find out.